The HR Software Toolkit

Discover the complete collection of Human Resource platforms, software, services, and strategies.

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Global Payroll

Resources for multi-country payroll management.

Payroll systems and tools to manage compensation for employees around the world.

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Employer of Record

Hire worldwide without the hassle of setting up foreign entities.

Find an Employer of Record that handles international compliance so you can focus on your team.

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Simplify HR tasks with an all-in-one HRMS solution.

Find resources and tools for HR management systems that connect hiring, onboarding, payroll and more.

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Discover tools to streamline and optimize your hiring process.

Automate recruiting tasks like job postings, screening and onboarding.

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Zoho recruit

Applicant Tracking System

Job postings, candidate profiles, and hiring pipelines in one place.

Centralize and simplify your hiring process with an applicant tracking system.

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Quickly ramp up and engage new team members.

Streamline new hire onboarding with tools to automate tasks like paperwork, training, and more.

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Performance Management

Track progress, identify training needs, and boost productivity.

Align employee goals and provide continuous feedback with performance management tools.

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Learning Management System (LMS)

Foster a culture of continuous learning.

Provide employees with easy access to a wide range of learning resources, including online courses, webinars, and assessments.

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Employee Time Tracking

Track time, boost productivity.

Foster a culture of transparency and accountability by providing employees with a clear understanding of their time utilization.

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Employee Engagement

Boost productivity by improving employee engagement.

Access tools to gather feedback, recognize achievements, and build workplace culture.

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Employee wellness

Discover apps, challenges, and perks to care for your team.

Support employee health and wellbeing with resources to build wellness programs.

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human resources information system

Securely maintain digital personnel files and HR records.

Centralize employee data and simplify record keeping with a human resources information system.

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Leave/Holiday Planner

Streamline leave approvals across your organization.

Easily manage time off requests with tools to track vacation, sick days, and holidays.

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Professional employer organization

Get help with payroll, benefits, compliance, and more.

Access HR services and support through a professional employer organization.

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Global Tax and Compliance

Ensure tax and regulatory compliance

Get tools to manage country-specific tax filings, payments, audits and more across all offices.

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Notion is the workspace that evolves to meet your needs as a startup, and will grow with you.

It's Your Startup's Digital Home.

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